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(I was going to wait till my torrent finishes, but it's stuck at 36 days :P)

Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition IV was released last week. This is the last one!
"Special Edition"s are OAVs, which are recaps of the tv series with re-done animation, voice recording, and some redrawn and added scenes. I posted screenshots of SE I a while back.

I tried looking up all the torrent files I could. Hope this works:

Special Edition I [G-Distro]
Special Edition I (part 1) [G-Distro]
Special Edition I (part 2) [G-Distro]
Special Edition II [N/A] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Saiyaman]
Special Edition III [G-Distro]
Special Edition IV [Saiyaman]
Special Edition IV [N/A]

Special Edition I [Mendoi Fansubs]
Special Edition ! [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition I [Zeonic Corps}
Special Edition II [Zeonic Corps]
Special Edition II [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Zeonic Corps]
Special Edition III [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
(IV hasn't been subbed yet (that I could find))

Zeonic Corps
Mendoi Fansubs
danomac.org tracker (list of torrents)(G-Distro, Q-H)

Screenshots of changed scenes in SE II (related to this community):
・These were the ones I could find
・If it's actually not a redrawn scene, my apologies (^^;)

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Cover image for Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition III:

(note: special edition=oavs that are basically just recaps of the tv series, with some edited and added scenes (voices all re-recoreded though))

Neato! :D

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Hi kids.

*tunnels through the dust*

well, as you see, the place has been here a while but it's only much more recently that we've gotten actual people to join...

so, hi to everyone here, and please feel free to speak up at any time. ^_^

Does everyone like the interests? (You'll notice we have 42. ^_^) Trying to keep them current.

As for the name of this place, it is intended to represent Rey x Shinn OR Shinn x Rey (however the boys would like to porn themselves is fine by me; I just wanna watch...), but also Excitation (Drive) is the definition you get for "reishin" entered as romaji for Japanese.

The meaning for the "rei" kanji being "encourage, be diligent, inspire"...and the meaning for the "sin" one (yay for being lazy and Japanese making 'h' unnecessary) being "shake, wave, wag, swing". ;) I think it's appropriate.
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Congratulations!! Great to see a ReyShinn community made. We needed one (^_^/).
Look forward to meeting others here!


(BTW, I'm also from crossed_destiny, and was hoping we could affiliate?)

(MODS: if this message is inappropriate please delete it. Hope this doesn't cause any touble (・_・;))

See everyone around!
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