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Rey and Shinn's Community

Excitation (Drive)

teh rzb+sa love (The ReyShinn Community)
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The lj-comm for the love between, for, and all around those ZAFT boys of DESTINY (CE Gundam SEED-style), Rey Za Burrel and Shinn Asuka!

Yes, herein be BL/shounen-ai/yaoi, yo. (As well as y'know, friendship, too. ;P)

Everything marked but those who feel the need to tread with caution are well-advised to do so.

For teh SLASH. And teh SHINN!! (And the Rey. Of course, everything we do is for the Rey.)
apologizing to meyrin, athrun zala, being gentle, being right, captain gladys, chairman dullindal, children alone together, coffee in cans, darkness, death to kira yamato, destiny, destiny gundam, domination, ending war, faith, freedom, giving everything, impulse gundam, impulses, justice, legend gundam, lunamaria hawke, lust, making a peaceful world, manipulation, missing parents, outperforming athrun, peace, primal innocence, protection, rey za burrel, rey za burrel's piano, seki toshihiko, shinn asuka, strategy, strength, submission, survival, suzumura kenichi, the minerva, unlit rooms, zaft